Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Drama Of The Month

So i love to watch Japanese Dramas, sometimes Korean ones.
So i figured I'd do a post every month on the one/s I've been watching.
If it's a old drama i get through it within a week. I get addicted to them and watch them instead of the TV channels i have. If it's a drama that's currently airing, i still get addicted and impatient waiting for them to be subbed.

Yes i watch them with English sub titles, my Japanese isn't good enough to understand it.

So this months will be... Ermmm...


That is the title.
So it's about this guy called Eisuke, who is a bassist of a rock band. But the band gave up on their dream because they weren't getting anywhere with it.
So Eisuke opens a restaurant after his mother dies and her restaurant his taken away. Since he promised his mum that when he turns 30 he will go back to cooking.
It's a french restaurant he opens.
The people that were in the rock band with him, also help him to set up and run the restaurant.
There's a girl called Chie who's always wanted to go to Eisuke's mother's restaurant, but never had the chance. So she goes to Eisuke's and falls in love with his cooking. She helps them along the way by doing little things and encouraging Eisuke.

It is very entertaining and not all about food.
I would recommend this to anyone!
The drama had me laughing and crying at some points.
It isn't a sad drama, so you won't be crying a lot.

That link will explain it a lot better than i did. And you can also watch it there too.

It is a new drama that had just finished airing, all the episodes are up and subtitles.

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