Friday, 27 April 2012

Basic Accessories Essentials

1) - A hat of some kind. Always good to keep your head warm, or to add that something extra to a outfit.

2) - A scarf. Scarfs are good for winter, but also amazing for changing an outfit.

3) - Skinny belt. They to can change an outfit, but they can also give you a waist if your wearing something that's baggy.

4) - Versatile bag. One that is big enough to carry all the things you need but can be used with almost all outfits.

5) - Necklaces. So you don't end up with a lot of them, buy ones that are versatile.

6) - Rings.  So your fingers don't look bare :) They can jazz up a outfit.

7) - Headbands. To get the hair out of your face if you're going to be busy, or to simply add a little something to your outfit.

8) - Waist belt. Again like the skinny belt they give you a waist, but they can also jazz up an outfit, black or brown is the most versatile.

9) - Earrings. Always good, you can have some to go with everything.

10) - Umbrella. Because you never know when it might rain.

I wrote this post a long time ago but i never posted it.
Since my internet is been slow today i'll have to post this instead of something else.
I think i will do a favourites post next.

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