Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to make a necklace/earring hanger

I had no wear to put my necklaces, and i like to be able to see them, so i can choose easily when i'm getting dressed.

What you will need:
1)Hanger - One that you can hang trousers from.
2)A old scalf.
3)Needle and thread
6)Safety pins

Start by stitching the sides together, to stop it from flapping around. Just a basic stitch, in one end out the other, tie it of by putting the needle through the fabric once more, but this time don't pull the string all the way though, leave a little loop. Then put the needle through the loop and pull.
To hang the necklaces, you will need to make loops to hang them from.
Thread the needle through and tie it off, leave a little space and tie it off from the other end. Then you have a loop

 Just fasten your necklaces to the loops. The loops should be strong enough to hold then. For earrings just hock them into the scalf.

If you have some necklaces that are to heavy, you can use some safety pins to hold them. Like i have done for the bottom necklaces. When you're finished it should look something like this. You can make it look how ever you want.

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