Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fashion Trend - Colours skinnys

Coloured skinny jeans are everywere now. This time it seams to be more pastal colours. From everything to yellow, pink, brown, blue, lilac.
Topshop - £38

Republic - £29.99

Republic - £30

River Island - £40 I'v seen this style around other shops too. - £25
My favourites have to be the Topshop and River Island ones, just for the simple fact that i love Lilac and Yellow. I will most deferntly be buying some lilac and yellow jeans.
I already have some coloured skinnys as i love them, but i will be getting more :)

It seams pastal colour trend is not only for the jeans. But everything else. I am loving it because it's soft and femanin.

1 comment:

  1. great style picks. pastels are huge this coming season, and i like the topshop one, too. :) your blog is lovely... i'm blog-hopping and i got to discover your blog. enjoyed browsing, and you have a new follower. i'd be honored if you decided to follow me back. :) cheers!


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