Wednesday, 2 May 2018

DIY Walk-In-Wardrobe

DIY Walk in wardrobe

When i moved into my home there was a cupboard that would have had very little use to us other than a dumping place, it would have end up cluttered with who knows what. So i decided I’d turn it into a walk in wardrobe. Saying that makes it sound like a big space but it isn't really. I started by painting the walls grey as i wanted a neutral colour to go with the clothes and create a minimalistic kind of look. Then fitted some carpet that was left over from my parents house. There is a high up part to this cupboard which is higher than a step. That part i installed a clothes pole, which actually happens to be a shower curtain rod. Once the clothes are all hung up it makes no difference what the pole actually is. I arranged/ordered my clothes starting from crop tops to dresses so they would go in size order. I did this so i could fit a small shelf bookcase under the crop top section to create more storage. Which stores some jumpers nicely and the bottom section has a black box insert that contains the very few trousers and leggings i own.
 On the bottom half it was just wide enough for me to put a set of draws under the window. These i use for items that are heavy such as jumpers and didn't fit on one of the shelves on the bookcase i used. The ones in the draws are the ones i wear least often. The rest of the draws contain items such as socks, tights and some t-shirts. I used a scarf to cover up the top of the old looking draws I’ve had for many many years, i plan on buying a different scarf to replace the one currently there as i want to wear that one. However it will do for now as i originally had a black skill scarf on there but it didn't look right to my eyes. Both i already owned. The small box with the pins in was used to hold junk in which i decided to give a new purpose of holding the pins so they didn't get lost, i added an old top into the bottom of it which i think i won't wear in the near future to create some height and keep them somewhat in place.

 I used a cork-board as a necklace holder which i had done in previous rooms. More can be added to this as i buy them. It makes it easier for me to see what i have and see the length to match with my outfits. The boarders to this were originally just wood which i painted with left over garden paint my parents had. The back of the door as a clothes rack on it for cardigans which was just laying around in the house.

The final thing to finish the walk in wardrobe was to install a light as it didn't have one. This was done by my dad with a light fitting he had. He ran a wired around the door and out onto a switch on the landing as there isn't one in the wardrobe.

Overall i didn't have to buy and spend much money on creating this as i either had items already around that weren’t been used for much or used left over items such as the carpet.

I bought a tin of pain at £10
Electrical items around £5
Shower curtain pole £5
Ikea bookshelf £12?
Shelf box insert around £3

I can always add more storage in the future in the form of ottoman boxes that can sit under the clothes, or add a shelf to an area that i won't walk into such as above the necklace hanger. I've arranged it like this to hold most of my clothes, the ones i wear most often or i like the most are in this small room. The rest are in the bedroom which hold items i only wear for work or clothes i share. There is no shoes in here as they are stored on a shoe rack in the hallways. Over all i really love what I’ve managed to with this cupboard and over time i can add more decorations etc. It didn't take to much time to do in all and didn't cost much. A walk in wardrobe to have my clothes on display and easy to see is something I’ve always wanted and I’ve managed to do it by DIYing a cupboard that had no use.
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