Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Idead

Christmas is almost here. Last ditch effort to buy everything for everyone this week.
I put together this gift ideas of something i feel people would l ike to open that aren't your normal shower gel gift sets.

Chocolate pizza for the person who loves food, same with the nandos set and the nutella toast set. I would love to receive the nutella set as i love nutella to sat with and i think it looks cute.

Friendship book to show that friend you love them!

Colouring book for the stressed person if your life as they help you relax. Or the artist type.

Mermaid towel for the person who is always cold and loves to relax.

Sleep set to help that person who has a difficult time sleeping drift of into sleep land.

And gizmo teddy just because hes so cute!

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