Monday, 31 August 2015

Beauty Travel Bag | Two Nights Away

I've been going on a few mini trips lately so i thought it was a good time to do a post on what i take away since i haven't done a beauty post in a while.

Near the end of September i will be going away for two nights to see Miyavi live in London, so I've already packed this. Everything i take is sample sized as i don't need anything bigger. 

Body butter is in case i have bare legs, not sure how the weather will be so I'm taking it anyway.
Sheetmask because I know my face will probably get dry and clinique because i know it works well when occasionally used on my face. I have a mini review on the stuff from a while ago here

As you can see I only take the essentials, missing from the picture is eyeliner. I barely wear any makeup so I don't take much with me.  

What do you take?

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