Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Summer Beauty Essentials

During the summer i can not live without these, not even for one day. Of cause sun screan should be on the top. You should not leave the house at all without it, even though our sun in England isn't very strong, better to be save than sorry. Did you know if you're pale like me you should wear facter 50. That's somewhat hard to find though, and it costs a lot more than 30.

In the winter i can skip powder but in the summer powder is a must, even though i don't sweat much i still need it, just incase. My lips dry out a lot in the summer, so i'm always carry lip balm. 
Try finding a BB cream or foundation with some SPF in it. The one in the photo is the mushroom skin food BB cream and has SPF 20.

A good hydrating facecream because the sun will dry out your face. And a face mist for during the day if you face is feeling a little dry. The one in the photo is by TonyMoly and it says you can use it before or after makeup. Which is good because you can always use it to cool yourself down a little.

But where has the sun gone? It was sunny and warm last week. 今日の雨です。 It's raining today.


  1. I've bought the tonymoly one, mainly due to the packaging....can't wait to try it out but kind of pointless with all whit wind and rain!

    1. I can't wait to use it while i'm out and about, simply because it's super cute.


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