Friday, 22 March 2013

A day out shopping at the new place - Trinity

 The new shopping centre Trinity in Leeds opened yesterday, (which is the first photo i tuck it with my phone, i do intend to go around with my camera in the future though) so i went to go do some shopping, i was hoping to get some more cardigans, but every shop i went in had non. The spring summer clothes are currently in the shop even though it's still like winter here. It's currently snowing right now. Which is annoying. I can't wait for summer i've had enough of the cold for now.

I did manage to get a few things though. I popped into pylones which isn't in the shopping centre but i love the shop so i went in on the way back home. I couldn't help but buy the glasses holder to make my vanity space look better. It was only £8. I also got the chopsticks because i needed some new ones. They where £5. Unfortunately the site is all in euros. I could easily spend all my money in there though.

Also got some socks to layer over leggings for a pop of colour, they came from new look. 3 for £4 isn't to bad a price i guess. The Dorothy Perkins water i got for free from the shop which is inside the shopping centre as well as new look.

I tried macaroons for the first time too. I did not like them at all. I don't see what all the hype is around they. The vanilla ones didn't taste of vanilla at all. I wouldn't be buying them again.

 Last i went into boots to pick up some essentials i had ran out off. The three products under the water i actually got for free. Boots were doing a raffle and if you entered you got the goody back for free. The products together are worth about £16 so i am super happy about that.

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