Tuesday, 5 February 2013

New In | Kitsound Audio Earmuffs

 I like to wear earmuffs during the not so cold winter days. If that makes sence. But i normally don't wear them because i always listen to music while traverling and walking around. I can not be on a bus without any music. These are really comfy and very warm. The sound is quite good. I wasn't expecting the sound to be as good as what i normally use. (I use beats and gummys) Of course they aren't as good as the beats but they are as good as the gummys. So these are perfect for me.

They are buy kitsound. More info about the earmuffs here.
You can't buy them from their actual site. There is sites around that sell them, but i got them ebay because they are on sale on there at the moment.
They are normally £20 but i got them for £10.
I got them here.


  1. These look super cute! I was the same way when I rode the bus or walked places- always had music on :)

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