Monday, 2 September 2013

Back To School - Collage/Uni - Casual Skull

 | Outfit: | Top - New Look | Shorts - Primark | Shoes - Barretts | Headband - Ebay | Necklaces - Gifts  | Rings - Ebay |

 Still want to wear shorts, no problem, just add long socks. This is probably a typical outfit for me.It has everything i love, creepers, skull, shorts, rings and spikes. I know you can't really see it but i do have a spiky headband on. It's just simple and comfy, easy to relax in. For class i tend to keep it simple but add elements of me. Those come in the form of accessories. Only because you're at class doesn't mean you can't express your fashion.

She Said Beauty


  1. That black spiked ring is absolutely gorgeous, really unusual.
    I never think to look on ebay for jewellery, I might have to head over and have a look !

    S xo.

    1. Thanks, it's supposed to look like spikes going through your finger, but my fingers are a little skinny. Always look on ebay, super cheap.


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