Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Which Bag Are You? | Everyday Outfit | #NextBagItUp.

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Next have a little quiz to take to find out which bag is for you. I got rucksack. Which i'd say is kind of right, i use my backpack for uni and when i know i'm going to buy a lot. Made a little outfit using the bag i got an everyday outfit, which i would wear. I am in love with those boots and might have to go buy them since i need new black ones.

The quiz is a lot like those quizes you would find in those magazines for girls a long while ago.

Do the quiz below:

She Said Beauty


  1. Well, the quiz has got me bang to rights. I do love a hobo bag :) Very useful for carrying the million and one things I need with a kid in tow!

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree


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