Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Take one more step to my world (Outfit)

 Thought i'd try taking photos in a different place this time. But i had to use one in the same place because blogger doesn't want to upload my other photos. -_-
I wore this yesterday while going to class. It was cold when i set of so i layered up, but during the day i had to take the cardigan off. The title is a line from Lunafly's song One more step.

Cardigan - H&M
Black Bear Ear Hoodie - Ebay
Top - Primark
Shorts - Tesco
Leggings - BHS
Earrings - New Look
Hand Hair Clip - Ebay


  1. I really like your hair clip~ ^^

    1. Thanks, i thought it was kind of unique for england.


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