Sunday, 12 May 2013

Simple But Summery

A simple but summery outfit, the cardigan is really lightweight so it's perfect for the warmer months. (As i'm writing this it's been cold and rainy so i hope by the time i post this it will be warmer) Also i'm not showing you my shoulder, i'm showing that the top has spikes on it. 

You have to be careful when buying any item of clothes with spikes on, some shops won't do it properly and just glue them on, which isn't good because once you put it in the wash they will more than likely fall off. So always make sure to check they are put on properly.

I love creepers and they are prefect for summer. And as i don't like wearing heals these give me an inch of height, which is good since i'm not exactly tall.

Cardigan - Store no longer around sorry
Top - Primark
Shorts - Primark
Socks - Peacocks
Shoes - Creepers

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