Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pastel Goth Inspired... I guess.

My first outfit of spring. It's still a little cold so i would wear this with skin coloured tights under the socks, but since i was just wearing this to take the photo i left them off.

I went out the other day like this (with tights) and it was okay, but got cold after a while. I am so happy the weather is getting warmer now as i love wearing long socks and once the weather gets hotter i will be wearing them a lot.

I say this is pastel goth inspired because it's pastel colours and has skulls on the jumper.
I was too lazy to accessorise but normally i would.

I intend to take better photos of this outfit once it's better weather.
This camera seems to take bad photos on a timer.
So this outfit will pop up again.

Jumper - Primark
Shorts - Primark
Socks - Peacocks

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