Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Special Packages

It might not seam like anything special but to me it is. It's what friends that don't live near me have sent me. I was so happy when i got them in the post. I am so thankful. She also send chocolate but i already ate it.

They both sent cards too, but they are pinned up on my wall and i didn't want to take them down.

The first one is from a friend who lives up north from me. She knows how much i love hello kitty, and how much i love my dog, hence the dog charm for my keys. I LOVE IT, thank you :)

The second is from a friend who lives in malaysia. She knows how much i love my facemasks so sent me some. I was only expecting one. Girl suprised me with three. Thank you! And the frog was so random but it reminds me of her because it's cute like her.

The facemask gives me something to review :)
Just thought i'd share how much i love what the girls sent to me. Thank you, i love you two <3

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