Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Shower Gel - Dove & Imperial Leather

Dove gofresh, nectarine & white ginger scent

While i love this shower gel i also hate it.
It's no good for my skin, it drys it out. Dove always seams to do that for my skin.
I bought this because of the smell. The smell is so nice, very orangey smell. I could smell it all day. You can smell is straight away when you open the cap. It foams very well, when useing a scrunchie/puff. It's not harsh on the skin and glides on smoothly. Even though the smell is very stong when you use it, it doesn't leave a stong smell on the skin. Since it dryed out my skin, my mum uses it now, and she says it leaves her skin nice and soft. It's £2.37 for 150ml from boots.

Imperial Leather - Japanese Spa

This is a shower gel that i always rebuy, i actually have quite a few unused bottles for some reason. I buy them when i find them on sale. 
It has Green Tea, Rice Milk and Jasmine.
It works very well for my skin, doesn't dry it out. I think that might be because this is mild.
Leaves the skin nice and soft, and leaves it feeling soft inbetween washes too. This also foams very well. The cream is very thick and creamy. So it lastes a while too. It's not very strong sented, so if you don't like things with a strong smell this is nice. The smell is of Jasmine. It leaves a nice smell on the skin too, which isn't over powering. The smell doesn't last all day, but it is only a shower gel. I would recomend this one more if you tend to have sensitive skin. It's £2.29 for 500ml in boots.

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  1. I got some Dove body washes for christmas and I found it dried all my skin up and it was painful around my fingers! I stopped using it for a while and it cleared up then I used it again on Monday and I'm all patchy again so it must definitely be that ... I'm surprised though as I've always used Dove cream bar and deoderant. I was just wondering if we're allergic?x

    1. Oh so it's not only me that had that problem with Dove. Umm never thought of that, maybe we're allergic to some ingredient that's in it. Which is a shame, since it smell soooo nice.

  2. I've used Dove shampoo and conditioner before but not the shower gel so can't say much about it. Now that you it is drying, I might not try it ;)

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    1. It might be okay for you. Buy it if it's on sale, then if it isn't any good you didn't waste to much money :)

      Thanks for following, i'll have a look at your blog now.


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