Tuesday, 3 January 2012

10 Basic Clothing Wardrobe Essentials

1) -Black Trousers. You never know when you may need them.

2) - Jumper. For all year around, for the days in summer when it's not so warm, and in england thats often :) Or for winter to layer under a coat.

3) - Coat. They are needed in all weather, but most in winter.

4) - Leggings. Simple, and go with almost everything.

5) - Shorts. For summer, holidays. Can even be worn in winter over leggings.

6) - A Blazer. For work, a casual day ect.

7) - Shirt of some kind. Could be plain or something with a patten.

8) - Jeans. Thats a given, but comfy jeans can be used for almost all occasions.

9) - Cardigan. They can change an outfit easily.

10) -Body Warmer. For the not so cold days, but the not so warm days.

This is just my take on the basics, most people would have these in there lists. Unlike most people the little black dress is not on my list, as i do no wear dresses.

And a Happy New Year!!
Hope 2012 is good for you :)

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