Monday, 24 October 2011

Garnier BB Cream Review + Other BB Creams

When i first saw the advert for it, my first thoughts were, it won't be as good as the Korean one.
But i love BB creams, so i thought i'd give it a go. So i sent of for my free sample.
Strangely i ended up with two free samples both with 3 little packets in.

It came like this, through my letter box. It has three flaps to open up.

This is what it looks like opend up, there is wrighting on the other side of the flaps, i like that they give you a voucher for £1 off when you buy your next Gernier bb cream, it can be used on the tinted eye roll-on as well.

It also tells you what bb cream on the top flap and how it was developed by a German dermatologist and that it was made famous in Korea by an actress.

Garnier BB Cream clames to, even, cover, illuminate, hydrate and protect the skin, it also says it has SPF15.

So i opend up one of the little packets, it came in light, i don't think they asked me which colour i wanted. The smell is okay, the first thing i noticed was that it's darker than my other bb creams and it looks more orangey.

Useing my foundation brush i started to apply it, i noticed it seamed greasy and left my face looking shiney. Also that i needed more of the product than i do with the other ones to cover my face.
After a few minuites the shineyness seams to disapear.
It does leave your face feeling smooth.
But when i look at my face in the mirror i can tell i have it on, wereas with the other ones it doesn't look like i have anything on, my face also looks a tad orangey which always seams to happen with English foundations, one of the reasons i stopped using them.

 It does cover the face and even out the skin. It doesn't feel like it has hydrated my face, in face after a while my face started to feel a little dry.

I would have to stick with my Skin79 BB Cream and Shills BB Cream.
I feel those two are better, they even out my skin and leave it feeling soft.

The shills one has SPF50 - A lot more than the Garnier one.
Shills says it has whitening, wrinkle improvement. The whitening means it whitens blemeshes and stuff.
Shills is a lot lighter than the Gernier one so it doesn't leave me looking orange. It's lightest of them all.

Skin79 has SPF25 - Not as much as the Shills one but still more than the Garnier one.
This one says it has whitening, wrinkle improvement too. It also says on the back -  By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredints which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin.

Safe to say i'v never heard of those... I can't say what the Shills one says as it's in Korean on the back.

I tryed to swatch it on my hand, but it didn't work to well. The one in the middle doesn't actually look that dark, the lighting made it looks a tad darker.

The first one is the Shills one, the second it the Skin79 and the last one is the Garnier one.
Don't think you can tell by that picture but the Garnier one is a lot thicker.

I proberly won't be buying the Garnier one anytime soon, i might try the Tinted eye roll-on since i have a voucher.

I will stick with the Korean ones, even if it means shipping them over here.

This turned out to be very long, oops.
If you read it all thanks ^_^

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