Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Todays shopping.

I actually didn't intend to buy anything in town today. Ooh well. And technicaly the brush set came from Japan but arrived today :) Which i am happy about.

Hello Kitty Mac Brush Set

They are so soft. I love the compactness of it, i have a travel set but they aint good quality brushes, so i needed some good ones. They will be perfect for holidays :)
7 brushes in total :) I proberly won't use the foundation brush yet, since i already have one that isn't that old. So i'll keep that for now. Actually i may not use them at all yet, since i have a few brushes. But it's nice to have a spear pair.

I'v been wanting some node lip stick for a while. I looked all through boots but could only find a nude in the boots range of make-up. I thought rimel or maybelline might have one, but no. :(

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H
 01 Intense Black
I'v hurd that gel eyeliner is really good. So i thought i should by some and try it. Not expensive ar £7.99
More than i would normally pay for eyeliner, but i normally by stick or liquid.
I tryed it on my hand and it's quite nice.
It comes with a application brush too.

The brush is nice and soft. And it has it's own little brush guard.

Going to sleep now. Collage in the morning.

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