Monday, 6 June 2011

Olay Complete Care

I'v been useing this for months and it has really made an improvement to my skin.
My skin is a lot clearer now, thanks to this. And it leaves the face feeling smooth and soft.

It says on the tub:
Daily senstive uv cream. SPF 15.

I normally apply this before foundation, to give my foundation a base.
When i get out of the shower, because the face wash leaves my face dry, and this fixes that straight away.
Before i go to bed, i know it says daily, but i don't really mind. I apply it under the eyes too, since the under eye area doesn't get as much mosture as the rest of the face.
If i'm in during the day and i'm not going out, i apply it a few times i day.
I know it's a lot, but it really has made my skin a lot better.

If you're looking for a face cream i would highly recomend this one.
I'm not sure how much it was, since i nicked it off my mum before she had the chance to use it.

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